Posted on November 19, 2021

Welding Station Checklist: Industry Standards & Quality Control

welder at work

The difference between a strong welding application and an unreliable, weakened weld can make or break a critical component, turning your products from high-quality offerings to a safety and logistical nightmare. Does your metal fabrication company comply with welding station quality control and industry standards?

Does Your Fabricator Have Before, During, and After Project Quality Control Inspections?

A successful quality control program addresses all stages of the project, with specifications to be met before, during, and after completion.


  • Compliant joint preparation: Conforming to design specifications and project welding standards
  • Materials confirmation: Mechanical properties and chemical composition are compliant with design specifications and project welding standards
  • Welder Qualifications: The welder is proficient and qualified to complete the project


  • Frequent equipment cleaning: Clean equipment between passes
  • Proper Temperature Settings: Welding temps are within specified limits for the project
  • Welding Procedure Specifications: All WPS are being followed


  • Customer satisfaction: The weld satisfies the customer’s expectations
  • Compliance: The finished weld meets industry standards for safety and function 

Is Welder Safety a Priority?

A big part of welding station quality control standards revolves around safety protocols for employees. The following welder safety standards should be followed:

Splatter Prevention

  • Clean surfaces free of oil and rust
  • Proper welding wire to suit the project
  • Using correct gas mixtures for specific welds
  • Follow correct equipment settings

Safety Equipment

  • Insulated, heat resistant welding gloves
  • Welding helmet with eye and face protection
  • No-cuff welding jacket and pants
  • Ear protection
  • Steel-plated, heat and flame resistant, over-the-ankle welding boots
  • Respirators to protect from toxins released by the welding process

Proper Certifications for Welders

  • Certified Welders: Certification and credentials for operating equipment
  • Certified Resistance Welders: Uses resistance welding equipment for sheet metal, wire products, and other resistance welding techniques and applications
  • Certified Welding Engineers: Welders who are well-versed in joint welding, assembly, and fabrication

Does the Company Provide Routine Training?

Reputable fabrication companies will provide continuous training for employees, including:

  • Proper welding equipment selection and usage
  • Navigation while wearing protective gear to avoid accidents
  • Checking personal protective gear to ensure no tears or holes
  • Workstation safety inspections
  • Choosing the right materials

Is the Fabrication Company Equipped to Handle Your Project?

A great fabrication company has the welding equipment necessary to tackle your project, and never takes shortcuts with equipment or safety.

  • Portable welders
  • MIG welders
  • TIG welders

Quality Control and Industry Standard Updates and Documentation

Updating quality control manuals, best practices, and quality control measures ensures that mistakes are prevented, safety procedures are followed, and the end-products meet every industry standard for customers.

  • Quality Assurance Plan: Outlines all stages of quality assurance measures throughout the fabrication process
  • Welding Procedure Specifications: A formal document to provide direction for welders to create welded products
  • Procedure Qualification Record: A checklist that ensures the WPS was followed 
  • Regularly updated safety manuals, checklists, and inspection sheets

EDCO Fabrication Provides Dependable Welding Services

We have an impressive variety of welding machines and tables, along with the certified welders and years of experience to safely and effectively use each one for your unique projects. Our welding department is configured to run large jobs, such as stainless steel and aluminum projects. 

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