Posted on October 15, 2021

Outsourcing Metal Fabrication Assembly & Integration


worker assembling metal parts

Customers who choose EDCO Fabrication’s assembly and integration services will save money by having lower labor costs, less inventory to manage, and fewer parts to purchase. Assembly and integration includes testing, packaging, and inspecting the finished product to make sure it passes quality inspections. We can even ship the items directly to your customers to help save even more money and time. Let’s look at the ways outsourcing metal fabrication assembly and integration to EDCO Fabrication will help you design and manufacture your products, on-time, and within budget.

Benefits of Outsourcing Metal Fabrication Assembly and Integration

Companies frequently outsource product assembly because there is no space or staff to complete projects on their premises. Additionally, there is a cost-savings benefit to outsourcing assembly projects because metal fabricators can frequently find lower prices on the items necessary to complete a project. Companies outsourcing the assembly process find that projects are completed, correctly and on-time, making reliability another benefit for our customers.

It Takes a Village

Outsourcing metal fabrication assembly and integration means relying on a highly skilled team of metal workers, including those specializing in welding, soldering, machining, punching, cutting, and operating press machines. 

Other specialists will be used to engineer and design your product, plan the processes needed to complete the project, and even ship it for you.

Outsourcing to a professional metal fabrication company means placing experts in charge of your project, from choosing the right metals to using the best processes to finish your project, and every step in between. 

End-to-End Metal Fabrication Assembly and Integration Services

With the resources to plan, design, assemble, and test your product all under one roof, EDCO Fabrication streamlines the entire production process. 

Product Planning and Design

EDCO Fabrication turns your concept from an idea into a workable design using blueprints or computer software.

Assembly Services

After your parts have been fabricated, our teams assemble each part to complete your product via the most appropriate process. Welding, rivets, or fasteners are the most common ways of assembling products.

Integration Services

Often, fabricated metal must be integrated into a completed product by incorporating things such as electrical components, power supplies, cables, fans, and other parts necessary for a completed product.

Testing and Shipping Completed Products

The assembly and integration processes are just the beginning; you can’t sell or use a completed product until it’s been tested for functionality and quality. After your products have been tested for safety, durability, and quality, we can ship them directly to your customers, saving you more time and money.

Got a Project? Contact EDCO Fabrication and let us show you how end to end metal fabrication assembly and integration services will save you time and money.