CNC Machining

EDCO Fabrication combines metallurgical expertise, tooling capabilities, and process fabrication to machine a wide variety of products. From simple, cost-effective milling procedures, to the precision machining and assembling of complex components, EDCO’s experienced operators use pre-programmed computer software to fabricate forms directly from a CAD file.

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    Machining Equipment and Capacity

    • Behringer CNC Saw (12″ capacity, with miter head)
    • Hem H105A-C Horizontal Post CNC Saw (Capacity: 16″ W x 14″ H)
    • Marvel PA360EPC Horizontal Post Saw (Capacity: 14” W x 13”)
    • Marvel PA360EPC Horizontal Post Saw (Capacity: 14” W x 13”)
    • Fadal 40/20 CNC Vertical Machining Center, 4 Axis, Capacity: 60”L, 20”W, 15”H
    • Doosan TL2000 Turning Center, Dual Turret, Capacity: 20”L, 10”W
    • DMG Mori NLX 2500|700 Live tooling for milling & drilling with Built-in Motor Turret
    • 3 - Proto Trak CNC Capable Mills, DPM5 & K3 mills.
    • Pemserter, Hardware Installation Tool

    Machining refers to a wide range of manufacturing tasks including milling, drilling, sawing, and tapping.