Posted on December 22, 2022

5 Things to Know in Choosing a Metal Fabricator

metal fabrication

Photo Credit: Kelly Heck Photography

Metal fabrication isn’t just about making huge pieces of sheet metal for construction. In fact, it’s used for a huge number of products you may not even consider. From automobiles and heavy machinery to kitchen appliances and even toys, its uses are a part of everyday life. That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced fabricator who knows their stuff. But how do you know they know their stuff? Let’s go over a few tips so you know what qualities to look for and how to choose a metal fabricator.

Experience and Work Quality

It’s always a good sign when a fabricator has several years of operation under their belt. That’s not to say that new companies are automatically a bad option, but experience definitely provides some reassurance. But let’s not keep things so broad. What types of jobs have they done in the past? Do they specialize in any one area?

Prospects may claim to do perfect work, but can they back it up? Don’t be afraid to inquire about the processes involved in their operations, including quality assurance and safety practices. What certifications do they hold? Are they up to date? It’s important to ask questions like these when you are considering a company for your job. 

Workforce and Equipment

It’s a bummer to be satisfied with a fabricator only to find out their workforce isn’t big enough to handle your project. Be sure to vet the size of the workforce when choosing who to trust with your work. Not only that, but you should also be taking steps to ensure every member of that workforce is qualified to perform the type of work involved in your project.

Of course, no amount of experience is important if the fabricator doesn’t have the equipment to perform what you need done. Once you make sure they do, take into consideration how many pieces of equipment are available, and the condition they’re in.


While almost any fabricator has the square footage to handle the average project, you may want to be vigilant if your project is on the heavier side. Is there room to handle your needs? Even if there is technically space to produce and store your product, that doesn’t mean it’s safe. Ample space for everything to run smoothly is crucial for your project and their safety.


Pricing is always important, but in our current market, it could make or break your project—or company. Keep a keen eye on the numbers when getting quotes. Does it seem like the company is trying to nickel-and-dime you or tack on hidden costs? Are their costs similar to others in the industry?

On the other side of the coin, it’s also important to hold a healthy skepticism of prices that are significantly lower than you expect. If something seems too good to be true, it likely is. Ask yourself how a fabricator is able to keep its doors open with prices like these. Do they have cheap/outdated equipment that never receives maintenance? Are they underpaying their employees, leading to carelessness? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when taking this into consideration. 


Proximity is vital when making your fabricator selection. While large, nationally recognized shops will have the equipment, personnel, and facilities to handle your project, that won’t necessarily translate into satisfaction. Shipping costs could significantly increase the bottom dollar if the distance is great enough, and it will be much harder to check up on project status.

A local fabricator like EDCO Fabrication has the ability to remain in contact from beginning to end, and every customer is tended to with extra care. We could go on about the importance of this, but we already have!

Selecting the fabricator who’s right for you is going to take diligence, but it’s worth every bit of your time. A local business that’s able to pay attention to your project needs and execute with skill and timeliness is the key to your own operation being a success. EDCO Fabrication is ready to prove to you that we’re able to take on any project, big or small. Get in touch with us, and let’s work some metal!