Tobeh Perry

Tobeh is a valuable member of the powder coating department, where he ensures all EDCO Fabrication products receive a high-quality finish. Tobeh works diligently to monitor the quality-assurance levels involved with the powder-coating process, including the measurements of concentration, PH balance and water quality in the wash tank and the humidity and temperature in the powder storage area. In addition to his quality-assurance responsibilities, he organizes and hangs the material to be powdered and rotates into the powder booth as needed.

Tobeh is a big fan of the Washington Nationals, and is riding high after the team’s 2019 World Series title. He also enjoys playing video games, watching movies and going on trips and ziplining with his girlfriend.

Success story in his role: Tobeh takes pride in telling upper-management that projects were completed quickly. And he also worked collaboratively with upper-management to implement an efficient and effective washing system to clean the metal before it gets powdered.