Mitchell Tester

Mitchell is one of EDCO’s youngest employees. Since he joined our team, Mitchell has taken on a lot of responsibilities, and has become a go to guy in the shipping department. Throughout the day, Mitchell is responsible for staging parts for shipping, creating bills of lading, and packing parts so they get to EDCO’s customers on time and undamaged. Mitchell’s computer skills have been the basis of several company work instructions.

When he is not at work, Mitchell enjoys spending time with his family and working on cars.

Biggest Work Challenge: Time management. EDCO has a lot of customers who have many concurrent orders on the books at any given time. Making sure orders are out of the door on time requires time management skills.

Success story in his role: Not long after Mitchell joined EDCO, a longtime employee moved on. Mitchell stepped up and learned his job quickly. Now he can walk new employees through the skills required in shipping.