Colton Gue

Colton works in the powder coating department, where he ensures products are receiving a consistent and clean finish before they’re sent out to the customer. Because he works in one of the final phases of the process, Colton also assists in packing the products to be shipped.

In his spare time, Colton is a professional duckpin bowler, and travels to compete in tournaments along the east coast. He was named the Duckpin Professional Bowlers Association rookie of the year in 2017. Colton is also a New York Yankees fan and enjoys going hunting and sitting in his treestand.

Biggest work challenge: Managing powder consistency on products and satisfying customers that are very particular about the finish.

Success story in his role: Listened to customer feedback and helped develop a method to improve deliveries. Worked with our ERP software Made2Manage and our IT department to help develop UPC barcodes and labels to help identify and organize products for the customer upon delivery.