Chris Cavanaugh

Chris runs EDCO’s Trumpf Trulaser 3030 and is therefore responsible for the first step in our fabrication process. Aside from loading material into the laser, Chris controls the flow of work on the factory floor. In his role, he needs to look ahead at EDCO’s schedule, and as best he can balance the workload across the shop.

Before joining EDCO Fabrication, Chris was an assembler of EDCO branded products. In addition to being a Navy veteran, Chris is an avid fan of Notre Dame Football. When not at work, he loves spending time with his daughter.

Biggest work challenge: Making the laser run constantly is a full time job that takes skill and experience. It is challenging to piece together jobs so that downtown is at a minimum.

Success story in role: Before coming to EDCO Fabrication, Chris was an assembler for EDCO branded products. Having to learn a completely new skill set has been rewarding and is a testament to his adaptability.